Post-Partum Homeopathy Addresses New Mother New Baby Requirements

Post-Partum Support Birth-Heal – This remedy is especially formulated for use during the postpartum period to address bruising and tissue integrity after labor, including the perineum, when new mothers are going through the normal post-labor recovery process. Birth-Heal is taken internally and presented in small tablet form. It is easy to ingest and hassle-free with no artificial colors or preservatives. Due to its specially chosen ingredients and unique manufacturing method, Birth-Heal is safe for nursing mothers. MamaGize Pick-Me-Up – Although the second trimester may have brought feelings of well-being and vitality, during the third trimester many women feel completely sapped of energy and tired from carrying the extra weight around in their daily activities. Rest and relaxation, while recommended during pregnancy, is not always possible in the midst of a demanding life, work and family commitments! MamaGize Pick-Me-Up Spritzer contains essential oils of Litsea cubeba, Grapefruit and Mandarin that support energy, positive mood and an uplifted spirit. Nature’s Milk Drops – Nature’s Milk Drops is a 100% natural remedy containing herbal ingredients specially chosen for their abilities to support lactation and thereby act as an excellent natural breastfeeding tonic for the nursing mother. Like all Native Remedies products, Nature�s Milk Drops is formulated to the highest therapeutic standards and manufactured under strict pharmaceutical conditions for a healthier, more natural existence for you and your loved ones. Regular use of Nature’s Milk Drops after delivery will help to get your breastfeeding routine running smoothly; helping both you and your baby to enjoy the special health and emotional benefits that breastfeeding brings. NewMama Drops – Although pregnancy and childbirth are natural and healthy processes, your body and hormonal systems, as well as your emotions, are subjected to great changes within a short period of time. NewMama Drops contains carefully selected 100% herbal ingredients to support postpartum health and the normal recovery process after childbirth. The combination of natural ingredients in NewMama Drops works together to support health and vitality, hormonal balance and healthy milk production. Nipple Conditioning Cream – The most common problem experienced by nursing mothers is painful and cracked nipples � often caused by incorrect positioning. Although this problem is theoretically preventable, it is very common as few mothers perfect the art of breastfeeding immediately. Nipple Conditioning Cream is a wonderfully soothing and conditioning cream especially formulated for maintaining skin tone and health before the birth of your baby as well as once you start nursing. It may be used during the last few weeks of pregnancy to prepare the nipples for breastfeeding and also once your baby has been born to continue to support and ensure nipple health. PureMother Flower Essence – In the first days and weeks after the birth there are many new things to get used to as your baby dictates your new priorities and a new routine. At times you may feel overwhelmed, tearful, trapped or excessively worried. Although this is quite normal, help is at hand. According to the principles of flower essences, this essence helps to support the spirit of parenthood by releasing nurturing instincts of caring and protection, along with a spirit of joy and wonder. Return To Top Infant Comfort & Baby Aids Blissful Baby Aromatic Massage Oil – Blissful Baby Aromatic Massage Oil is specially formulated for babies from the age of 12 weeks and is a wonderful aid to infant massage. The specially selected blend of pure aromatherapy oils in this natural product will further enhance the benefits of massage by supporting healthy circulation, soothing the skin and imparting a sense of calm and relaxation through massage. CradleClear Lotion – CradleClear Lotion is a conditioning and nourishing tonic cream for use on your baby�s scalp. This natural remedy contains 100% natural therapeutic ingredients which are gentle, effective, yet safe to use on baby skin. It is important to care for your baby�s skin all over � but especially the sensitive scalp area where new hair is starting to grow. Your baby is adjusting to life outside the womb and the new environment takes some getting used to! Diaper Distress Cream – Diaper Distress Cream is a wonderfully healing cream to protect and soothe the skin in the diaper area. Diaper Distress Cream is formulated with natural herbal and aroma-therapeutic ingredients to safely and effectively support the health of your baby�s skin, without unwanted side effects, as it is 100% natural and herbal. Infant Massage Oil – Infant Massage Oil is specially formulated by our Clinical Psychologist in conjunction with a qualified aromatherapist for babies from birth to the age of 12 weeks. The pure and natural almond oil formulation of this product is wonderfully gentle and safe for newborn babies and is ideal for after bath relaxation and to prepare your baby for sleep. OralSoothe – OralSoothe is a safe, non-addictive, FDA registered natural remedy containing 100% homeopathic ingredients especially selected to relieve teething-related tooth and gum pain and fussiness, plus strengthen new teeth in babies. OralSoothe�s homeopathic ingredients promote harmony and balance during the teething process to alleviate crying, soothe the gums, reduce drooling and other upsets associated with teething. WelcomeBaby Flower Essence – Though we don’t often think about it because we can’t remember our own experience, the very beginning of life must be the biggest adjustment a human being ever has to make. From the womb to the world is a huge transition. Lights, sounds, colors, temperature and touch all are different from before, and this can be traumatic for babies. Using WelcomeBaby Flower Essence immediately after the birth and for the first few weeks afterwards will help to revitalize your baby after the birth process, address exhaustion, impart a sense of new promise and optimism, as well as a feeling of belonging in the new world, keeping your baby strong and peaceful during this time of transition. Return To Top

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