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Natural Health Products For All Your Family and Pet Needs

Native Remedies is the market leader in the field of homeopathic and natural remedies. All of the formulae prepared by Native Remedies have been specifically formulated tooffer complete solutions for your holistic health and wellness. The product line of homeopathic and natural remedies offer their current client base of over half a million loyal users, symptomatic relief and negation of daily ailments. The primary focus of Native Remedies is the health and wellness of adults, children and even the family pets although the primary focus is the human family of homeopathic and natural remedies.

Native Remedies uses the homeopathic sciences that bridge hundreds of years in the development of health solutions and after the research to balance the compound ingredients is complete, the final product, the product that you will use or give to your child, are manufactured in medical grade laboratories under the most stringent of conditions in compliance with Food & Drug protocols.

Homeopathic Solutions For The Human Condition

Native Remedies created homeopathic remedies for a broad range of human conditions and these natural remedies are broken down in specific sections so you can review the curative advantages and decide which will best suit your needs, or your childrens’ needs, and then begin your adventure in a life of better balance.

  • Child Health – This area provides a wide range of homeopathic remedies for children and teens. These are natural compounds that are formulated specifically to address issues such as ADD, ADHD, bed-wetting, lack of concentration in school, as well as other high-grade homeopathic formulae that are both highly effective while still being safe for children from approximately 6-month of age to their teenaged years.
  • Psychological – Your psychological well-being is every bit as important as the health of your body and homeopathy recognizes the need to ensure a balanced mind. Whether you are suffering from sleepless nights or dramatic mood swings that are a danger to you or those around you, investigate the wealth of homeopathic remedies that will help you recapture the happiness in your life and eliminate the stress that is harming you.
  • Weight Management – In a modern society where a compulsion to weigh and look like models and movie starlets pervade the psyche, homeopathic and natural remedies have been available through the ages without drawing the attention of those who want to achieve a more comfortable weight level. Weight loss, just like weight management, should be based on a healthy body throughout the process and the homeopathic and natural remedies included in this section are designed to help those looking for weight loss achieve those goals. Specific compounds are also available for teens and children who are battling weight gain because of inactivity or genetic predispositions.
  • Women’s Health – The physical makeup of the female body brings with it a unique set of health care issues. Maintaining the balance of a woman’s health is intricate and dedicated when dealing with homeopathic and natural remedies. From mental happiness and reduction of mood swings, to dealing with the sometimes debillitating symptoms during the onset of menstruation, homeopathy can help. There are compounds that address both peri and post menopausal women as well as improving the overall health of the gynocological and urinary tracts.
  • Body & Physical – Most people in this hectic lifestyle and ever-changing world, think about how very complex the mechanism of the human body is that allows them to function on a daily basis. The internal organs, the joints and muscles, the respiratory and digestive systems, all work smoothly together to allow your body to function at peak performance. If one part of your body goes off balance, your entire body suffers. Find the right homeopathic and natural remedy that will help to ensure your highest quality of life that is possible.
  • Men’s Health – Apart from the need for men to maintain a healthy lifestyle even though they can have the attitude that they are strong and healthy simply because they are men, it is important to address the male physiological requirements of men as they age beyond their twenties. For men, the prostate is out of sight and out of mind and therefore, they pay it little attention until something tragic such as prostate or testicular cancer attacks. Maintaining the health of the prostate and testicles is a strong focus of homeopathic and natural remedies and Native Remedies has the compounds to address these internal organs. Remember men, the better the prostate and testicles are working, the more likely you will enjoy an ongoing, vibrant sex life.
  • Beauty & Personal – From your hair down to your toenails, homeopathic and natural remedies have solutions to make your hair shiny and sleek and your toenails strong and healthy. Your beauty solutions, which also include hygiene, are available in this section of Native Remedies.
  • General/Family Health – It is always a good idea to outfit the home medicine chest with remedies for even the most minor condition. This listing of Native Remedies products includes homeopathic compounds to treat infections, cuts and bruises and to heighten the body’s immune syste, against colds and flus as well as respiratory tract conditions. More generalized tratments improve skin health or treat a lack of energy or concentration levels; all of which, will make your family happier and healthier.
  • Pregnancy/Conception – When you are ready to have a family, turn to homeopathic and natural remedies to support your system from conception to birth and after your delivery. Homeopathic and natural remedies offer a wide range of formulae that will help you actually conceive and will cost far less than fertility treatments. This should be your first stop to enjoy the heady experience of conception, pregnancy, and birth.
  • Seniors’ Health – Joints get stiff and bones become brittle. It is not as easy to remember even the most common things; and, vision grows cloudy or dim. These are some of the issues that seniors deal with on a daily basis and the probability of breaking bones or complete memory loss are almost always the “elephant in the room”. Homeopathic and natural remedies offer a wide range of natural formula that are specifically aimed at reversing the aging process so youo can get on with life and enjoy the things that you should be enjoying.
  • Mom & Baby – You have given birth and brought that special little person home and now, the challenges begin. This selection of homeopathic and natural remedies are designed to ease the discomfort of delivery and ensure the mental and physical well-being of mom as she cares for her bundle of joy. Also included in this selection of homeopathic and natural remedies are formula designed to strengthen baby and establish a proper foundation of growth and happiness.

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