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NATURAL HEALTH LABORATORY is a wholly owned subsidiary of MHA Corp and is located in Hamilton Ontario Canada. NATURAL HEALTH LABORATORY began operations and its subsequent online presence in 2001 with the sole purpose of research and study into existing natural medicines and herbal remedies. As a result of that research, it became apparent to the scientific department that the volumes of products being sold online that were substandard at best and outright hazardous to the health at worst was unconscienable and as a result, set about research specific products from existing FDA approved laboratories with the hopeful intent that visitors would stop by and purchase the penis enlargement products and general holistic health supplements that will prove both beneficial and safe to the end user.

NATURAL HEALTH LABORATORY believes that every adult has the right to enjoy a healthy life and there are many good reasons why people should look to natural or holistic health supplements rather than prescription medicines and these reasons are well-documented within the specific product pages of this web site. Regardless of the genre of prescription medications, there will always be, at times, significant side effects to taking such prescription drugs and there are many times when a natural remedy could work as efficiently without the harmful side effects. The product lines presented within this website are limited in number but the outcome and results in using these natural health supplements could be beyond your wildest expectations. As we speak of ourselves, we should also make a note of our partner at India Herbs. This is an Ayurvedic Laboratory that produces in the Far East the natural remedies that Asian medical science has been famous for for well over 5,000 years. India Herbs is a trusted source with a laboratory and manufacturing facility that exceeds the requirements of the most discerning government body. You can find more information about Ayurveda Herbals and the wide range of products that eastern lab offers.

The parent company of NATURAL HEALTH LABORATORY is MHA Corp which has been carrying on business since 1979. At the company’s inception, it began operations as a four-man business consulting practice that rapidly grew to international proportions. For the first 20-years of business operations, the company focused its entire energies on the requirements of an impressive client list and developing next generation business analysts and management consultants. The firms manpower, over that first twenty years grew from 4 to 135 partners around the world managing major business concerns and directing and driving client growth. In the early 1990’s the firm began expanding its horizons and after establishing an Invention Development Consultancy, moved into areas of entertainment, specialized retail and unique product lines to coincide with demands of a burgeoning internet population. Custom Novel Creations, also a division of MHA Corp. is the longest running specialty writing service in the marketplace.

We hope you find the information contained within this website is helpful and encourage you to contact us should the need arise.

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