Ayurvedic Medicine Delivers Proactive Preventative Health Options

Proactive and Preventative Medicine from the Science of Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Medicine, or the Science of Ayurveda, is a system of medicine originating in India more than 5,000 years ago. The origins of the word Ayurveda combines two Sanskrit words. “Ayur” means life. “Veda” means science or knowledge. The resulting combination of Ayurveda refers to the “Science of Life”!

The primary difference between Western Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine is that Western Medicine is highly reactive to illness and disease. In other words, Western Medicine treats rather than prevents and generally does so through the use of synthetically produced pharmaceuticals.

Ayurvedic Medicine on the other hand takes a proactive approach to the health of the mind and body and utilizes naturally occurring photonutrients and organic ingredients to maintain health BEFORE illness and disease set in. This is not to say that should you currently have an ailment, that Ayurvedic Medicine cannot be beneficial to offset the underlieing cause of the malady.

Taking The Guess Work Out of Ayurvedic Medicine

Although Ayurvedic Medicine has been around for over 5,000 years, people in western societies might find it confusing. For individuals who are unfamiliar with Ayurveda or are confused as to what would best treat the underlieing causes of their ailment, there is a Medical Consultation process available through the highly trained Ayurvedic Doctors of India Herbs who are the leading research and medical laboratory devoted to the Science of Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic Medicine The Foundation for Asian Healing

Ayurvedic Medicine is the philosophy and practice upon which all Asian pharmacopia are based. Today, Ayurvedic Doctors train for 5-years post medical degree in order to learn this precise science and there are currently 30 post-graduate universities in India that specialize specifically on the Sciences of Ayuveda.

For the purposes of Natural Health Laboratories, Ayurvedic Medicine is broken down into the following three classifications for ease of remedy evaluation:

  • General Ayurveda – This section is devoted to general curatives of Ayurvedic Medicine and designed for both men and women addressing such health aspects as heart conditions, blood disorders, mental wellness, arthritis, and other internal medicine issues.
  • Raja Health – Raja, or King, are Ayurvedic Medicines designed specifically to deal with male issues such as prostate and urinary tract problems, improving male libido, and improving muscle mass and energy regardless of age.
  • Rani Health – Rani, or Queen, are Ayurvedic Medicines designed specifically for women who are interested improving their sexual desires or libido, weiht loss, or maintaining a more youthful appearance and attitude.

Featured Ayurvedic Medicine Products
Cosmic Joy – Cosmic Joy soothes your nervous system by exerting anti-convulsant, anxiolytic (anti-anxiety), and anti-emitic (nausea relieving) activities that prevent rapid firing of neurons to relieve feelings of restlessness, anxiety, and fatigue.
Radiancio – Radiancio improves circulation and nutrient transport by strengthening blood vessels, increasing hemoglobin and red blood cell production, and clearing the channels in your skin.
Ayurtox – Ayurtox contains the 17 most potent detoxifying herbal concentrates available in Ayurvedic Science and backed by clinical studies. Ayurtox helps remove metabolic and environmental toxins by chelating and binding toxins, neutralizing them in the liver, and assisting with their elimination from the body. It primes the vital organs by ensuring that deoxygenated blood is always pumped away quickly from healthy tissue.
AyurGold – AyurGold nourishes and stimulates your endocrinal system to relieve the debilitating effects of high glucose levels in the bloodstream. The herbs in AyurGold increase the utilization of glucose, improve glucose metabolism, and inhibit glucose output from the liver. Together with herbs that help increase blood circulation, AyurGold works to enhance the production of key molecules that rejuvenate you and restore total balance to your body.
ClariMind – ClariMind is a natural supplement geared towards optimizing your memory and concentration by rejuvenating brain chemistry, countering stress, and impeding neural deterioration. The ingredients in ClariMind comprise a Proprietary Blend that goes to work directly on your mind with positive impact on brain chemistry, stress adaptation, and memory and concentration.

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