Youtharia Anti Aging Longevity Formula Using Potent Ayurevedic Extracts

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The first product I bought from you guys was the KamaRaja and was I ever impressed. Compared to local herbal remedies this stuff is incredible and my wife thinks so too. She later did a Ayurveda Consultation because she did not feel great and after the consultants recommendations, she has become te woman I married and first fell in love with. Thank you so much!
Dylan O, Toronto Canada
Natural Health Offering Anti Aging and Longevity of Life src=I work as a Registered Nurse in Australia and can really see the benefit of taking this supplement. I have since purchased Youtharia again and this time plan to take it long term as i feel the results will be even better when taken over a long period of time. I am impressed that the supplements are grown naturally in India and are within keeping of the traditional Ayurvedic philosophy. I will continue to be a long term customer of India Herbs.
Gail Marie

You are About To Discover The Fountain Of Youth

For over 5,000 years the ancient and honorable science of Ayurveda has created natural formulations to accomplish things that modern medicine could only hope to achieve. Throughout history, both men and women have set out on a relentless search for the Fountain of Youth in order to stop the aging process and improve longevity. All the while, the Fountain of Youth has been available through Ayurvedic Medicine.

Youtharia is a powerful Ayurvedic Medicine that promotes anti-aging & longevity and developed those thousands of years ago as by the ancient Yogi of India to allow their wisdom to carry from one generation to the next. Today, Youtharia is available to the entire population.

Anti-Aging and Longevity cannot be accomplished through make-ups or skin treatment serums and yet, that multi-billion dollar industry tells women in particular that the “results will astound you!” In fact, clinical studies have proven that the vast majoroty of these over-priced rejuvenating creams do very little to stop the aging process. The reason anti-aging creams are, for the most part, ineffective is that they simply act as a lubricant for the epidermis. Anti-aging and Longevity are best accomplished from the inside out and rebuilding the body molecularly has a much more profound impact on appearance than creams, lotions, or potions. Such a treatment also has a profound impact on the way you feel and how your body reacts to energy so you not only look younger but your feel more energized and powerful regardless of age.

The Secret of Youtharia

The proprietary formula of Youtharia is Ayurvedic Medicine at its finest. This natural supplement has been developed to rejuvenate your entire biological system and it is that formula of potent herbal extracts that will impede the aging process and promote longevity. Aging is an accumulation of lifelong damage to macromolecules, cells, tissues and organs. The maximum life span known for humans is 122.5 years. Genetic differences between humans account for different aging rates, including efficiency of DNA repair, types and quantities of antioxidant enzymes, and different rates of free radical production. Youtharia is specifically developed to enhance the repair and rejuvenation of every element in the human body and, when the inside is working perfectly, the outside will, invariably, look its best.

The result is that you look and feel better. The result is anti-aging & longevity beyond your wildest dreams.

Embrace your Fountain of Youth Today with Youtharia

  • Enhance your cardiac output
  • Increase your energy and stamina
  • Restore your sleep physiology
  • Improve your appearance
  • Elevate your sense of well-being
  • Improve your quality of life

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