VigRX Oil Natural Lotion Stops Premature Ejaculation Enabling Longer Sex

Give Her The Pleasure She Desires

Have you noticed lately that she is not quite so eager when it comes to “bedtime”? Premature Ejaculation is a passion killer if ever there was one and men view good sex as being able to keep their erect penis that way for the duration of sex and, until the woman orgasms. Anything less and men assume that they have failed. Premature Ejaculation can happen any time during sex; from foreplay to a few seconds once inside a woman’s vagina and Premature Ejaculation is often signaled by a telltale “Oh no!” followed quickly by a look of disappointment in the sexual partner’s eyes.

VigRX Oil Stops Premature Ejaculation

VigRX Oil is a specially formulated natural lotion that is applied directly to the penis. For years, the medical profession has viewed Premature Ejaculation as a part of sex and offered little in the way of a solution for sufferers. The best most doctors could come up with was to think about something else during sex (in which case what is the point of sex?) or to work your muscles with Kegel exercises that, although they can be helpful, do not remedy the problem. Premature Ejaculation is usually a result of an overly sensitive penis particularly the head of the penis when it is at the erect state. In order to solve the problem of Premature Ejaculation the tick is to desensitize the penis and that is the wonder of VigRX Oil.

How VigRX Oil Works

VigRX Oil is a specially formulated transdermal oil that is applied directly onto the penis. Transdermal technologies have made significant advances over the years and combining the technology of transdermal infusion along with a heightened refinement of VigRX Oil, the resulting product creates a dynamic desensitization of the penis that allows for increased control and thereby reduces Premature Ejaculation.

Unlike desensitizing creams and lotions in the past that not only desensitized the penis but also desensitized the woman’s vagina causing her to feel nothing and defeating the purpose of self-control, VigRX Oil is rapidly absorbed into the skin to get to where it needs to go to work and does not leave a residue on the penis to desensitize your partner.

VigRX Oil Benefits

  • Dramatically reduce or eliminate Premature Ejaculation
  • Increased sexual partner stimulation and sensitivity during intercourse
  • All natural product with a 100% Guarantee
  • No more disappointing sex because you ejaculated before she was ready
  • As a side benefit, VigRX Oil will give your penis a harder more robust appearance.

Isn’t it time you invested in your sexual happiness and in VigRX Oil?

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