Sherpa Strength Combines Potent Natural Ingredients Promoting muscle Growth

Natural Formula For Attaining Muscle Growth and Stamina

There is an evergrowing issue, reported almost daily, about professional athletes cheating through the use of illegal performance enhancing drugs. It appears that many athletes are really incapable of competing naturally in their chosen sport and so they turn to illegal substances to enhance muscle growth and power. Working hard, an ethos that has passed down through generation, seems to have skipped our modern youth. Being the best that one can be should not include cheating to get there, and yet, many professional athletes do so, simply to reap the rewards of an obscenely high paycheck.

The Legal Way To Muscle Growth and Enhanced Performance

Over five thousand years ago, an amazing natural science emerged and from that point until today, Ayurvedic Medicine has created special formulations of natural compounds that act on the inner self to achieve specific goals. One such compound is Sherpa Strength developed centuries ago to help the populace endure the burdensome work of the day. Both men and women needed to climb higher, work harder, sustain more force on their bodies in order simply to survive. As Sherpa Strength became more refined, it also aided in the development of muscle mass and, combined with focused exercise, the human body gradually transformed into a strengthened machine with an endurance that was second to none in its time or, for that matter, even today!

How Does Sherpa Strength Promote Muscle Growth?

Sherpas are renowned in the mountaineering climbing community for their strength and hardiness at high altitudes. Many have speculated that a portion of a Sherpa’s climbing ability may be due to a genetically greater lung capacity, allowing extraordinary performance at high altitudes. For centuries, the rugged Sherpas of ancient India and Nepal have used various Ayurvedic herbs mixed with milk, honey, and other nutrients to maintain the strength of a “thousand oxen” required for walking along mountain paths at a tremendous pace, always with a fifteen kilogram load on their back, climbing up to six months per year! Sherpa Strength is the safest and most effective means for you to experience total rejuvenation of your physiological health.

Sherpa Strength nourishes and stimulates the musculoskeletal and respiratory system to relieve the effects of muscle protein catabolism (breakdown). It promotes muscle protein synthesis, by activating Glutamine, a key link in muscle metabolism. Glutamine is the primary transporter of nitrogen into the muscle cell and a key factor in muscle growth. Sherpa Strength controls the “skeletal muscle / whole body glutamine gradient” which is critical in maintaining and building muscle tissue. The higher the glutamine levels, the slimmer the chance you have of falling into catabolism. Sherpa Strength’s herbal extracts also regulate anabolic growth hormone which controls the metabolic processes (including protein synthesis) in almost all tissues throughout your lifespan.

  • Enhanced Muscle Mass & Strength
  • Increased Energy & Fitness
  • Improved Breathing & Lung Capacity
  • Optimal Endurance & Flexibility
  • Increased Cellular Regeneration
  • Raised Confidence & Self-Esteem
  • 100% Natural – 100% Legal

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