Shave No More Removes Unwanted Body Hair Eliminating Shaving Hair Away

Stop Unwanted Hair Growth

Unwanted hair is not the sole domain of women. Men, too, suffer from unwanted and excessive hair growth. For both men and women, unsightly hair makes them self-conscious and now, there is a solution. The solution comes in the form of Shave No More by Ultra Hair Away™. Shave No More is a safe and gentle, yet extremely effective, topical cream that is applied to the affected area. Whether it is a woman’s upper lip or a man’s chest and back, Shave No More is gentle and safe to use. You know it must be effective if Jay Cutler, IFBB Mr. Olympia of 2006 and 2007 uses it, swears by it, and endorses Shave No More by Ultra Hair Away™.

Shave No More by Ultra Hair Away™ is specifically formulated as a hair inhibitor and is not some dual-purpose product that is ineffective to its task. For best results when using Shave No More by Ultra Hair Away™ the user should shave or wax the affected area and then apply Shave No More by Ultra Hair Away™ to that area and hair will be gone. Clinical studies were conclusive not only on Ultra Hair Away’s effectiveness, but most importantly on its safe usage on any skin type. The soothing spray mist was tested for skin sensitivity, and mutagenicity. Ultra Hair Away also proved non-comedogenic in continued use.

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