Profollica Hair Loss System Reverses Womens’ Thinning Hair

Reverse Thinning Hair

Although thinning hair and baldness are experienced by men more than women, there is a tendency for some women to experience thinning hair as they age or, as a result of some medications. We offer the Profollica solutions as an option for those women who would appreciate more hair volume.

Hair Loss Treatments

Medical science has revolutionized the treatment of hair loss.

There is no longer any reason to suffer through years of guinea-pig-style sampling of ineffective hair loss products — because scientists and researchers have conclusively proven that some women are genetically pre-disposed to baldness with higher-than-average levels of DHT (dihydrotestosterone).

If you can stop DHT from forming in the hair follicles, you can SLOW, STOP, and in some cases even REVERSE hair loss. So the first step in dealing with your hair loss is finding a solution that addresses the issue of excessive DHT!

Profollica starts working from the INSIDE to fortify the body with a potent series of herbal extracts, amino acids, proteins, nutrients, & enzymes to help control your DHT production!

Try it for 60 days. If you can’t SEE the results… if you’re not thrilled with the overall change in your appearance as your hair begins to regrow… then simply return the empty bottles for a COMPLETE refund, minus shipping & handling charges.

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