Mystic Sleep Powerful Ayurevedic Formula Restoring Consistent Sleep Patterns

Ayurveda Formula for Restorative Sleep

Sleep is vital for your health and well being. Yet millions of us are not getting sufficient rest. Getting less sleep than what your body requires has serious consequences. Symptoms can interfere with memory, energy levels, mental abilities, and emotional mood. According to WebMD reports, chronic sleep deprivation increases risk of early death. Studies show there is a greater risk for heart disease and heart attacks as well as obesity. Western medicine relies on aggressive prescription drugs to deal with many problems related to sleep deprivation. Unfortunately, these methods often result in unwanted and even dangerous side effects. And natural pills provide fleeting, inconsistent results. India Herbs’ Rasayana Chikitsa doctors combine a proprietary herbal formula based on centuries’ old wisdom with advice on diet, exercise, mental training, and relaxation to help you experience consistent, rejuvenating sleep through safe, natural means.

Great Sleep – Great Day

Manufactured in a cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) Certified Pharmaceutical facility, Mystic Sleep was developed by a team of experienced Ayurvedic Doctors and synergistically formulated to engender optimal benefit. Natural herbal extracts, prepared by proprietary processes and encapsulated in the exact blend and proportions of Mystic Sleep, have produced superior results in clinical studies!

Mystic Sleep users Check In

  • More consistent and relaxed sleep
  • Reduced irritability and anxiety
  • Underlying sense of calmness
  • No more morning haze or grogginess
  • Greater alertness and responsiveness
  • Less occurence of colds and sickness
  • Refreshed appearance and more confidence
  • Increased feeling of mental and physical well-being

Are you getting a good night’s sleep?

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