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When was the last time a pregnant woman was told by her physician to continue smoking a pack a day; to drink as much alcohol as she desired; to take drugs of any kind? Most women adamantly adhere to their doctor’s orders for fear of harming their unborn child. While that new, precious life grows within them, they do everything possible to ensure its good health. It is a mother’s instinct. As the fetus grows within, the tiny body forms into an amazing collection of cells that, over time, create a remarkable little being who begins functioning in preparation for a life in the world. A tiny heart beats! The liver and kidneys begin to work in conjunction with the mother’s and the lungs begin to develop readying that wee person for its first breath. It is the joy of motherhood and the incredible miracle that is life. Every parent wants to do everything possible during a pregnancy to make sure that baby is healthy.

With all of that care, how is it that once the child is born and moves from mother’s milk to solid food parent’s have no objection to destroying that hard work by feeding their child, their sweet beautiful child, the poison that is prepared food and “fast food”? To make matters worse, the child is allowed to refuse physical activity and quickly grows overweight all under the watchful eye of the parents who declare the pudgy little person to be “cute”. Unhealthy, unfit – but oh definitely “cute”.

Healthy adults grow from healthy children and since children do not have the skill sets to make the proper nutritional decisions, it is up to the parents and parents need to stop giving their children choices of what they want for dinner because we all know that given the option of a sugar and chemical laced hamburger or a proper portion of grilled chicken with steamed vegetables, the hamburger will win every time. Health is a lifelong commitment that begins with the parental guidance to eat the right thing and to lead an active lifestyle. Children are extremely smart – much smarter for which we often give them credit.

What message are you sending your child?

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