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In our first published blog, we talked about the very early days of life and the need to protect children through proper nutrition. We felt it fitting that in this second instalment, we should deal with the other end of life – Old Age!

The term “old age” is relative by any standard and indeed, it is meaningless. Perhaps the correct phrase might be more appropriate as “Quality of Life For How Long” or “QLHL”. Life is full of inherent hazards that can impact our quality of life and, indeed, shorten it. From the presentation of a significant illness to being obese that brings along its own set of health issues. Of course, pollution, traffic accidents, gunfire and lightning strikes are external forces that we cannot control. However, if we can avoid those latter calamities, how are we going to fair in the search for a “QLHL”?

It seems that the care we look to take with unborn children and our precious offspring might be equally important in later years than in the pre/post birth years. What we eat and how we eat it; not to mention the activity our body receives all play important roles in our life but are not the be all and end all; they are a significant part of the solution. The biggest problem is that most people do not exercise, do not eat properly, and do not take proper care of their body. When the stress factors of adulthood are put into the mix, most adults are walking timebombs that are counting the days until death. What a shame to screw up the miracle of life.

In this blog and over time, we will be addressing aspects of health that are both modern as well as over 5,000 years old. We are not talking about mystic mumbojumbo but valid science that has endured the test of 5,000 years of success. It is over the long term that we will give you nuggets of truth to help you not only live healthier but enjoy that “QLHL” Factor we spoke of earlier. It can be done. There are people who are circling 100 years of age that are active and successful and alert to everything around them.

How long do you want to live?

Stay tuned – Next time we are going to talk about Ayurvedic Science and what Ayurveda is and does. We are not going to do the same with modern medicine since most of our perceived readers will have a better overall understanding of modern medical practice.

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