Erection Fitness Builds Penis Muscles Creating Larger Penis Size

If You Build It; They Will Cum!

Before you understand anything else; you first must understand that the male penis is a muscle. As a muscle, it responds to exercise like any other muscle in the human body. The more it is properly exercized, the larger it becomes.

Just as you would incrementally increase your weight resistance if you were a body builder, you can undertake a similar protocol to enlarge your penis. However, due to the importance of the penis and the possible damage that might result, it is important to undertake such an exercise regimen under guidance. Just as you would have a Fitness Coach for your body; you should likewise have a Penis Coach properly supervising your penis health.

That Penis Coach, if you will, is the Erection Fitness Protocol.

Natural Penis Tissue Growth

Erection Ftiness is a scientifically researched method that guides you, step by step, through the development of your penis tissue. The rationale behind the program is that “If the penis is a muscle and if it is encouraged through balanced and monitored exercise to become more efficient; then the result will be fuller tissue that enlarges the penis.”

Erection Fitness is not developed for short term results; but rather, as an ongoing improvement and what that means to you is that your penis will lengthen and thicken under the program and it will stay that way simply because you have done all of the hard work to train your penis to be large.

If you want to add visible, measurable inches to your penis, you need to exercise and stress the muscles, ligaments, and tissues – because this is what encourages them to STRETCH and GROW!

Progressive Approach To Penis Enlargement

Inspired by the work of Thomas Delorme, M.D. to rehabilitate soldiers after World War II, “Progressive Overload” will be the secret to your success with penis enlargement. To increase strength and muscle mass, you must OVERLOAD the muscles, ligaments, and connective tissues and stimulate your body’s natural adaptive processes!

And through research and customer feedback our team at Leading Edge Health has concluded that men who combine the approach of “Progressive Overload” with the right combination of penile stretching and strength training exercises may expect to…

  • See measurable increases in both the LENGTH and WIDTH of your erection!
  • See potential gains of 1.5 to 2+ inches — if you are willing to stick with the exercise program for 3 months or longer!

You may even improve your overall sex drive, performance, and orgasm control too!

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